1. SketchUp 3D Modeling

1.1. Get started with 3D modeling

The first step is to design a 3D model. There are several 3D modeling applications that let you create and edit 3D models.

For this purpose, we have used SketchUp.
If you are not familiar with SketchUp, you can learn some basics from those tutorials.

Our sensor lamp Boxy has two parts of the housing, the bottom, and the cover.
Here are dimensions info for both:

Bottom of the housing

  • Dimensions: 57.5 x 59.50 (mm)
  • Height: 30 mm

Cover of the housing

  • Dimensions: 58.90 x 60.70 (mm)
  • Height: 54.00 mm
  • Opening for the micro USB: 11 x 7.2 (mm)

1.2. Boxy source files

You can download all our files for the bottom and the cover of the housing here:

Bottom of the housing.stl
Bottom of the housing.gcode
Bottom of the housing.skp

Cover of the housing.stl
Cover of the housing.gcode
Cover of the housing.skp