2. GitHub Desktop

Install GitHub Desktop and clone project code


Git and GitHub are not the same thing!

Please note that GitHub and Git are not the same software. Please, don't skip Git installation later on.

2.1. Download and install

Download GitHub Desktop from here:


2.2. Open the downloaded file

Go to your downloads folder and open downloaded file. This will start the installation.

Installation in progress


2.3 Log into your GitHub account

Log into your GitHub account by clicking on the link marked with red arrow.

If you don't have a GitHub account you can sign up here or by clicking on the link marked with a blue arrow.

961 1283 951

2.4. Clone NodeMCU repository

Click on 'Clone a repository from the Internet...'


Click on "URL" on the top menu.

Put "appsmonkey/air.nodemcu.full" in repository URL and use "Local path" to choose a folder where the project will be saved



P.S> Local path

In this example, we used the default GitHub folder as our location, but you can save it anywhere you like.

2.5. What does success looks like?!


If you were successful you should see project checked out.


What’s Next