CityOS Air Story

What gets measured gets improved

Our goal is simple: to empower people with the skills and knowledge to help spread clean air across Sarajevo. We believe that together we can do more, so we invite all who want to breathe clean air, who care about health of people they love, your children, the elderly, your family and neighbors to join the clean air movement and take action against air pollution. We share your passion and know that clean air is a basic need. We also know most conditions on the planet that have changed for the better were successful after going from the unknown into awareness, from guesses into measurements and eventually from passivity into active participation. We have built everything you need to get started: by reading our community materials you will quickly become an expert on this subject, by using your own air kit you will be able to measure pollution yourself and become part of our air quality monitoring network.


Join the clean air movement!
What gets measured gets improved!

CityOS Air is a truly open source project. Using our own time and resources, our main goal is to help the citizens of Sarajevo to solve the air pollution problem. We have made publicly available the designs, source code, ways to build devices, partners, links to parts suppliers, and created extensive documentation and tutorials on every aspect of this system. We have also shared what we know about ways to measure and prevent air pollution and improve conditions of the environment and health. We hope that you will find this information useful.

Collected data is shared via open data APIs and used by web, mobile, voice, IoT, AI and 3D (VR and AR) platforms.


City of Sarajevo 3D rendering

Code on servers is using data received from sensors to self-organize parts of city around pollution levels.


So everybody interested can access both real time and historical data, find and analyze sources of pollution, and in many cases affect data by changing behavior or educating others.


For people that don't own pollution measuring stations themselves, system is providing information on the parts of the city that are better for their health at any given time. As PM pollution penetrates into apartments rooms, business offices and stores, hospitals, cars, hotels, schools, it is present on running tracks and parks, inside and outside - literary everywhere, simple decision, like where will they be at any time of the day is directly affecting their health for better.


And their families too, so people quickly educate and protect those they love.


And all those actions as small they are, together ultimately improve living environment for everybody in our city.


We have included a lot of information that will help you protect yourself and those you love. Tools that will help you measure and control your environment and much much more. We hope that you will find information here useful and used them to benefit yourself and those you love.