2. Github Desktop

Install Github Desktop and clone project code

2.1. Download and install

Download GitHub Desktop from here: GitHub Desktop - Simple collaboration from your desktop


2.2. Clone CityOS air.nodemcu.full code to your machine

  • Open GitHub desktop app
  • Click on 'Add' button (on the top left side of the screen)
  • Click on 'Clone Repository'
  • Click on air.nodemcu.full
  • Click on the 'Clone' button


GitHub account

If you don't have a GitHub account you can sign up here.

  • Pick a folder to save this project


Folder Location

If you don't have a favorite location already, we recommend creating src subfolder under your user directory /User/yourUserName/src/ - that said any location will do.

2.3. What does success look like?

If you were successful you should see the project checked out.


What’s Next