2. PMSA003 - Digital Laser Dust Sensor

2.1. Description

The PMSA003 is a digital general-purpose particle concentration sensor that can be used to obtain the mass and quantity of suspended particulates in the air per unit volume and output as a digital interface form. The sensors can be embedded in a variety of concentrations of environment-related instruments suspended particulate matter in the air, to provide timely and accurate concentration data.
PMS1003 version has the same technical characteristics, but it has larger dimensions.


Plantower PMSA003 PM2.5 Laser Dust Sensor

2.2. How it works?

This sensor uses the principle of laser scattering. Namely the scattering of laser irradiation in the air suspended particles, while collecting the scattered light at a specific angle, to obtain the scattering intensity versus with time curve. Microprocessor using based on the MIE theory of the algorithm, get the particle equivalent particle size and unit volume of particles of different particle size.


Sensor Structure Diagram

2.3. Technical details

Model numberPMSA003
Data outputDigital sensor (unit quality + number of units)
Size38 x 35 x 12Mm (mm)
Measuring range0.3 to 1.0; 1.0 to 2.5; 2.5 to 10;Micron (μm)
Counting efficiency50% @ 0.3 μm 98% @> = 0.5 um
Said quasi-volume0.1Liter (L)
Response time≤10Seconds (s)
DC supply voltage5.0Volt (V)
Maximum operating current100Miliamp (mA)
Standby current≤200Microamp (μA)
Data interface levelL <0.8 @3.3, H >[email protected]Volt (V)
Operating temperature range-10 to +60Celsius (℃)
Operating humidity range0 to 99%
Mean time between failures≥3Year (Y)

2.4. Data interface

2 - pin for serial data communication interface, using universal asynchronous receiver and receiver protocol (UART).
1 - pin for control signal interface, using high and low level control, all levels are 3.3VTTL level.

PIN1VCCPower + (5V)
PIN2GNDPower -
PIN3SETSetting pin / TTL level @ 3.3V
PIN4RXDSerial receiver pin / TTL level @ 3.3V
PIN5TXDSerial transmission pin / TTL level @ 3.3V
PIN6RESETModule reset signal / TTL level @ 3.3V



SET = 1 working in continuous sampling mode, the module automatically updates sampling data after each sampling, the sampling response time is less than 600 milliseconds, the data update time is less than 2 seconds.

SET = 0 the module enters the low-power standby mode.

2.5. Data sheet

2.6. Where to buy?

eBayPMS1003: http://ebay.to/2hZsDP1
AliExpressPMS1003: http://tinyurl.com/zd9rrva
AliExpressPMSA003: https://goo.gl/w9PNcb
AliExpressPMSA003: http://bit.ly/2t4gGiu