1. PM Sensor - PMS1003

1.1. Custom wiring

To start off, you will need to take a look at custom wiring tutorial if you have skipped this part. We want to make male pins out of our PM sensor cable.

1.2. Cutting off certain wires

First, we will first want to cut off 4 wires.
Starting from the red one, remove the following wires:
Red (1), black (2), yellow (3), white (6).

Tie them up so you don't get confused later on.

1.3. Create male pins

Out of the four remaining wires (green (4), blue (5), orange (7) and purple (8)) you need to make custom pins. Get your tools and follow the wiring tutorial. Remember, you want to make male crimp pins.

Once you are done, you should have 4 wire pins that can easily be placed in their corresponding place.

1.4. Connecting to NodeMCU

After you have your wires ready, last thing you need to do is to connect each pin as shown in the picture below.
Green wire goes to pin D5, blue wire to D6, while orange and purple wires go to GND and Vin pins on the other side of the breadboard.